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Of my drawing as a toddler I have no recollection, but I did want to draw lines on roads. My drawing started with Willam of Orange at primary school and later with a passion for line and free drawing at secondary school. When I was still called 'Rudie'.

Love for the city Utrecht ('Domstad'), architecture, photography and computer technology blend together into my realistic work. Detailed drawings, in which buildings, discomposed of disruptive elements and enriched in several wats, so that after being long forgotten the may shine in the leading role.

So that we may finally remember what a beautiful city our beloved Utrecht is.


It was my dear wife Ella who motivatie me to pick up drawing again. After the discovery of Adobe Fresco on the iPad, I was hooked again. The passion of a young guy, found again in a modern age.

Passionately and driven I shed myself into the world of style and technique. It was my last practice drawing ‘Harlingen’, that brought artist-ship and ‘Domstad Gallery’ to life.


From William of Orange to the birth of Domstad Rudie. In sickness, health, happiness and sadness. Drawing was, and is, my tower of strength. A passion that I can always return to – a love that never fades.

I would like to pass on my love for drawing to you.



Mix 3 parts drawing, 3 parts photography, 3 parts ICT en 1 part listening to music. Wait until your pension. Serve then.


Digital. Vector Image. iPad Pro 12.9", Apple Pencil 2, Mac Mini, Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, Nikon D7200, Panasonic DMC-GX80, Adobe CC (Fresco, Photoshop, Illustrator)


Born and raised in: Utrecht. Education: master physics, minor philosophy, teacher education mathematics. Career: ICT en eduation. Hobbies: Photography, drawing, music, biking, reading.

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iPad + Adobe Fresco

Discovery of Adobe Fresco on the iPad

March 2020

Drawing "Harlingen"

"Harlingen" got me 4 informal assignments from Catch Utrecht.

September 2020

Drawings in the collection of Catch Utrecht

"Leedenberch" and "Academiegebouw" got me in the "stable" of Catch Utrecht.

October 2020

"Domstad Gallerie"

Domstad Slaapspecialist displays my drawings in large size and framed

February 2021


When some artists and experts started giving likes (and not just family and friends) it became time.

June 2021

Interview in the Dutch Telegraph

Eric Roeske wrote the first article in a national newspaper

December 2021

Opening exhibition in Musketon

A very succesvol exhibition in community center the Musketon which tasted like more.

Februari 2022

Sold drawing to Louis Hartlooper Complex

Roos Stelling (director) and Jos Stelling (owner) loved my drawing of their LHC. It is expected to be displayed in the hall

Exhibition "Domstad already shines 900 years"

Very successful exhibition which was even chosen as an official part of the Utrecht900 celebrations

September/October 2022


Ruud van den Berg | Lofoten 101 | 3524 EP Utrecht, the Netherlands | +31 (0)6 51 09 68 97 | info@domstad-rudie.nl

Domstad Gallery

Domstad Slaapspecialist | Mariaplaats 3 | 3511 LH Utrecht, the Netherlands | +31 (0)30 231 02 48 | info@domstadslaapspecialist.nl | www.domstadslaapspecialist.nl

FineArt reproduction

My work is beautifully reproduced by Gallery Color. See www.gallerycolor.nl

Love for Domstad, architecture, photography and computers meet in my realism.

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